Recognizing Authority

In the article "Spiritual Authority" we were left with the question, "Who then are those that has God selected for positions of authority and how do we identify them?"

Recognizing or identifying those God has selected for position of authority within the body of Christ, the ekklesia is very important not only for our individual wellbeing, but also for the viability and prosperity of the body and its purpose.

By Their Fruit

I am not convinced that those we vote into positions of leadership are the same as those Yeshua has selected and gifted. Herein lies the problem since the blessings we all seek come through those of His choosing. As a corollary, we also face the negative consequences, His discipline, when we dishonour those he has selected.

Apart from divine revelation I suspect we'll know Yeshua's leaders by their fruit, but only in an environment where everyone is encouraged to be fruitful.

Too often our associations suffer from the tail poppy syndrome, that is, whenever someone seems to rise in effectiveness or fruitfulness, those voted into leadership who are not work to cut them off lest they be out-shined.

To know them by their fruit requires conditions where fruit can grow. 

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