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Image in Dura

Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold, the height of which was [90 feet high and 9 feet wide]; he set it up on the plain of Dura  (Daniel 3:1 NASB unless noted)

People there were accustomed to bowing to Nebuchadnezzar. Now he wanted them to bow to the image he created.

This image was built by people but it was inanimate—it didn't breathe, it had no lifeblood in it. Interestingly, it also could not talk and therefore required someone to speak for it, someone to make and state its rules and terms.

...whoever does not fall down and worship shall immediately be cast into the midst of a furnace of blazing fire."  (Daniel 3:6)

I doubt that Neb bowed to the image he created, as this would violate a principle in law which states that the created is always subject to its creator.

Daniel, from whom we have this account, was a prophet of the most high God. A man who received many revelations of the end times. Our times?

I find it interesting that we today face a similar image.

Our image today was created by people. As gold was a currency of commerce in Daniel's day, it so today.

The image we today are being obligated to bow to is the promise of gold, or the tax return, when we as the body of Christ incorporate to become an entity created in the minds of men, a legal person.

The governments of most Western nations are corporations disguised to look like legitimate or de facto governments.

By Law, governments created by the electorate ought to be subject to the electorate—the people. However, the electorate is not the people but rather legal entities represented by the people.

This sleight of hand switch of identities permits those in government and the judiciary to sidestep the Law and remain lawful—unless they are called to account for their actions.

While every Western government acknowledges that our names should properly be styled with one capital letter such as John David Jones, all our legal documents and the invitations to vote are styled in all capital letters as in JOHN DAVID JONES.

The first represents us the second represents a legal entity that the government created, and not us.

When we believe and act as though we are that legal entity we obligate ourselves to bow to their image.

This bait and switch is so ingrained in society today many "public servants" are bullies.

Were we to refuse to bow down we could and likely would face their wrath.

As for me, I will not bow down. My God can defend me, but even if choose not to, still I will not bow.

Do you stand or bow?

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