Invitation or Election

Long has been the debate between supporters of John Calvin's doctrines and those of Joseph Arminius—election vs free will.

But is it an either/or debate?

What if both are correct but dependent on the recipient?

If you'll read my article called "Of Covenants and Favour" therein I present the concept of giving greater attention to the audience as being the key to understanding the message and correct doctrine.

After reading that article consider that God's relationship with the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (hereafter Israel) has always been based on God's selection or election of that family over all others, as His elect, under covanent and in special favour.

In this vane, those not of Israel have a different relationship between God based on invitation, the offer and choice to accept the gift of salvation based on Christ's sacrifice (Messianic Gentiles). Sin must be paid for—either by our death of by His.

The relationship between God and the sons of Israel is based in a covenant or contract while that of the Messianic Gentiles is based on an invitation—"whosoever will may come."

In the same way that God chose, selected, yes, elected, Abraham over all others, Isaac over Ishmael, Israel over Esau, Elijah's remnant, David over his brothers, Gideon over the others, the disciples, etc., He has chosen, selected, yes, elected 144,000 from some of the tribes of Israel in Revelation.

John Calvin is correct when his teaching is applied to the sons of Israel.

Because God's contract with the sons of Israel is an everlasting exclusive contract He cannot make a similar contract with the Gentiles. For that reason, and because of Israel's temporary breach of contract, there exists an open, time-limited invitation to partake of salvation to whoever "wills" to accept the invitation.

Joseph Arminius is correct when his teaching is applied to all who are not sons of Israel.

Both doctrines—Election and Free will are biblically correct when rightly applied. Both are wrong when incorrectly applied.

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